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INA November 2011 - October 2014

Crawl and data-mining engineer at the French Web Legal deposit project at INA

Tools : Java 7, Maven, JavaScript, PhantomJS, Hadoop, Pig, Impala, D3.js, Perl.

MYBEW s.a.r.l. September 2009 - November 2011

MYBEW.com 2 years

Developed a self-tracking Web application featuring many complex AJAX interfaces, interactive Flash charts, statistical tools, a backoffice with in-house CMS and advanced user-management features.

Tools : Java 6, Wicket 1.4, JPA, Hibernate 3, MySQL, Tomcat 6, TestNG, JUnit, Quartz, NginX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, OFC2.

Telemedicine Technologies S.A. January 2008 - July 2010

ManageMed 5 months

Designed and developed an integrated private clinic management application for Europ Assistance Internatinal Health Services in a team of 4.
Developed a transactional object synchronisation protocol to synchronize patient files between physician laptops and hospital servers with unreliable internet connections.

Tools : Java 1.6, Swing, Servlets, JPA, Hibernate 3, HSQLDB, Jetty, Maven 2, Quartz, JUnit.

App Bundle Maven Plugin2 weeks

Developed a Maven 2 plugin used internally to generate application intallers and client patches for version upgrades.

Tools : Java 1.5, Maven 2, Wagon-SVN, SVN, Inno-Setup.

Portail-SLA.fr 6 months

Developed a Web portal providing information to ALS patients. The portal is also a collaborative platform for healthcare professionals working with ALS patients.

Tools : Java 1.6, Wicket 1.3, Servlets, JPA, Hibernate 3, HSQLDB, Jetty, Quartz.

GeneRare 4 months

Developed a software to assist physicians in genetic-diseases diagnostic. Integration and control of the logistics of blood samples through automated DNA sequencing machines in labs, lab technicians, geneticians and physicians.

Tools : Java 1.6, Swing, Hibernate 3, Tomcat 6, Quartz.

CleanWeb portal 2 months

Developed a SMS notification feature and debugged form validation for this online eCRF management application for clinical trials.

Tools : Java 1.5, Wicket 1.3, Hibernate 3, Tomcat 6, Web services, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

WForum 1 month

Developed a simple forum and file sharing tool as a Wicket plugin. Features users and groups management, file versioning and skins. Integrated in 3 Wicket-based Websites.

Tools : Java 1.5, Wicket 1.3, Hibernate 3, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Haemophilia Patients Register (RPH)2 months

Developed a desktop application to manage a register of patients suffering from haemophilia. Deployed in hospitals in France, Marocco and Tunisia.

Tools : Java 1.5, Swing, JDBC, MySQL, Ant.

Globus Services Map2 weeks

Developed a locally served interactive map launched from a Java desktop application, with interactions between the map (in a browser) and the application through a local servlet.

Tools : Java 1.5, Swing, JDBC, Google Maps API, HTML, JavaScript, Apache HTTP Client, Jetty, Servlets.

INA Febuary 2007 - July 2007

Web Legal Deposit : VideoScrap5 months

Designed, developed and integrated a Perl OO library that enable Web crawlers to download and archive Flash embedded videos.

Tools : Perl 5, Flash reverse engineering, HTTP reverse engineering, multithreading.

GetVideo2 weeks

Designed and developed a Firefox extension able to detect any video content in a Web page and download it.

Tools : Firefox, XUL, JavaScript.

Inserm September 2005 - March 2006

Sentiweb.org 5 months

Designed a new database schema, migrated the data, redeveloped the website and developed a backoffice, refactored maps and charts generation libraries.

Tools : PHP 5, MySQL, Smarty, HTML, CSS, RHEL4, Bash, C.

GHB++ 1 month

Designed a local PHP application with huge forms and complex form validation, embedded in EasyPHP.

Tools : PHP 5, MySQL, EasyPHP, NSIS, HTML, JavaScript.

Freelance work

Atelier 11-10e 1 week

Developed a modular Flash website with original user interactions.

Tools : ActionScript, Flash, XML, PHP.